Agency Profile

Our Mission
Wharton Surety Consultants, LLC is dedicated to your success. That means success in the initial placement of your surety account, and in the long term it means profitable and sustainable growth of your company. It is through the pursuit of this mission that we will attain our mutual success.

Our Experience

Established in 1988, Wharton Surety Consultants, LLC has been serving the surety bonding requirements of clients for 30+ years, focusing exclusively on surety bonds and fidelity bonds.  This is an advantage as our tight focus enables us to remain informed with regard to trends in the surety industry.  We turn that knowledge into an ability to deliver bonds on your behalf, quickly and efficiently.

Our Values

We embrace a set of values that guide our relationships with clients and sureties:

  • Honesty – Because we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and surety companies, our business is consistently conducted with absolute integrity.
  • Empathy – The interests of our customers and our business partners come first. Strict adherence to this value results in long term, mutually rewarding relationships.
  • Quality – A total commitment to continuous improvement of our service is essential to our mutual success.
  • Success – Profitable, properly managed growth leads to long term success. Our goal is to assist in every way possible to contribute to your profitable growth.
  • Respect – Listening and responding to your requirements in an efficient and effective manner leads to a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Eric J. Follman, Sr.

Managing Member

Eric has over 25 years’ experience in the service industry marketing and managing large Fortune 500 customer accounts. Eric has experience servicing the utility industry, as well as mechanical, electrical, general contractors, engineering firms and government suppliers. Eric was hired as a consultant in 2000 and joined the company fulltime in 2003. Eric is responsible for managing all aspects of the agency including new business and servicing the bond needs of current and future customers.

Nancy Nigro

Vice President

Nancy has over 29 years surety bond experience and 16 years in her present position as Vice President. Nancy oversees the day to day operations of the office while also developing new business and servicing the surety bond needs of existing clients.

John P. Follman, Sr.


Jack is former CFO, board member and Shareholder of Day & Zimmermann Group, Inc. a Philadelphia based diversified services firm. Jack co-founded Atlantic Underwriting Group, Inc. in 1988 and plays an active role in Wharton Surety Consultants, LLC as its Chairman. Jack also sits on the board of four companies in insurance, banking and investment services.

Jeff Longenecker


Jeff has over 30 years of business and financial advisory experience, over half of which has been directly involved in the insurance and surety business. Jeff has extensive experience in the financial and credit matters of a wide variety of industries. Jeff has been instrumental in securing and facilitating surety credit for a wide range of businesses from construction, waste management, real estate development and service and supply firms.

Mike Sweet


Mike has over 10 years of surety experience having worked for the top two surety companies in the U.S. Mike has a great understanding of the surety industry given his background as an underwriter and surety broker. Mike earned a degree in Risk Management and Insurance from Temple University while playing for the men’s baseball team. In addition, Mike holds the Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding professional designation. Mike is responsible for developing new business and servicing the bond needs of existing clients.

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